Who are you? What are you doing? Why does it matter – to me?

By Juha Larsson

Posted on 26th September 2020

No matter what products or services you make or sell, where you sell, whether you are offline, online or both – the key issues for success are; what is the purpose of your existence, the promise of your brand, and what is the holistic branding experience you are offering.

Genuine – success hungry – brands need to build and implement a meaningful brand promise that is greater than themselves and their business, a promise that people easily recognize, internalize, and also want to share. The true purpose of a truly meaningful brand promise is to inspire, engage, help people, society, the planet, and of course, help your business succeed. Basically, it has to be an idea that people see as being much bigger than your business, its products and services – and even themselves.

To reach your target audience better and positively impact their thinking, insights, and actions on your brand you need a meaningful and inspiring brand strategy. This includes a truly meaningful brand promise, as well as an inspirational and pragmatic approach to putting your strategy into practice.

In its simplest form, the three key elements of a positive change in your brand’s overall strategy are purpose, attitude, and behavior.

The purpose, attitude, and behavior of your brand?

The “good” intention is to make people think of your brand differently. People will be able to position your brand more easily in a way that is more in line with what they themselves believe they need, and with the ideals they seek. The good intentions and the intentions of the brand must build a holistic and concrete way of working and communicating. This allows people to see and feel their needs are truly fulfilled and their wishes fulfilled – at best beyond their expectations.

The attitude and behavior of the brand is another critically important dimension. Brands can choose how they want people to feel during and after their interactions. It is extremely important to choose strategically, to understand what people want, and how to make them feel the way they want. This can only succeed if you control all the brand encounters at the emotional level, because even though people tend to claim to make rational decisions, emotions actually shape and guide all rational decisions. 

How does your brand make me feel?

Branding strategies that deal only with brand identity and communication are not sufficient because they generally do not capture the deepest essence, meaningful purpose, or emotions of the brand. It’s important to build a strategy that can also provide guidance, tools, and processes to help people and companies get something meaningful that will positively change their lives if and when they do business with you. When your brand strategy makes it clear what you do, how you do it and what happens as a result, people and organizations are more likely to commit to your brand and, at best, recommend it to others.

Through emotional consideration and meaningful purpose, attitude, and behavior, your brand becomes much more relevant in people’s lives, minds, and hearts. This, in turn, will inevitably lead to your brand becoming more successful.

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Juha is a husband and father, passionate thinker, doer and collaborator, world class people connector, innovator in business development, creative branding and marketing expert and a founder of Pure Innovation company. He has achieved success working for national and international organizations, while being rewarded more than 30 time both nationally and internationally with awards such as Cannes Lions, Clio, New York Festival, Rebrand 100, etc.

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