Screw passion. Being passionately curious is more important for success.

By Juha Larsson

Posted on 1st September 2021

Follow your passion is often a misleading wish. Instead, the truth is that to be successful and happy in life, you need to be curious. Instead of spending sleepless nights wondering what drives you, you should simply explore everything with great curiosity. Curiosity trumps passion. Always.

Psychology and neuroscience explain that curiosity affects us more than passion. An impulse or desire to explore, observe or gather information, especially when something is new or interesting. This drive can be seen at work in young children, who use all their senses to explore and learn about the world around them. Research also shows that children with a good imagination are more creative as adults. Curiosity and imagination are two sides of the same coin. Imaginative and curious people also tend to be more innovative in business and life in general.

The great secret of curiosity is to have no expectations. Perhaps our biggest mistake is to have a lot of expectations about everything we do. Even if you have passion, you may feel empty if you find that it doesn’t meet your expectations. That’s why curiosity is stronger than passion. We study things because we seek knowledge, not because we are trying to profit from them. By approaching everything with great curiosity, we bring about a change in our mindset that will ultimately help us achieve our goals and succeed in business and life in general.

Curiosity is important to succeed in any job and to do it better, because you ask questions, learn from others and look for ways to do your job better. Curious people have active minds. They want to know and understand. This gives them a better chance to learn and do their job better and more creatively, unlike a person who lacks curiosity. When a curious person fails, they analyze their failure because they want to know the reasons so they can do better next time. This increases their chances of success.

Life without curiosity makes life rather boring, while its presence makes you more lively and energetic. It keeps the mind strong and in good shape. Intellectual curiosity is vital to keep the mind sharp and agile, and is important at any age. It stimulates the mind and keeps you young and creative.

When you’re curious about something, it’s easier to succeed. At some point, success may seem impossible, but it is curiosity that makes success possible. Curiosity is important for success because it makes you long for success, no matter how big, small or repeated the failure.

Success doesn’t come easy. But, impossible is nothing with endless curiosity.

Always thirst for success at every stage, even if you fail. Curiosity is an endless resource, and it will keep you moving forward no matter how much or how often you fail. The more you thirst for success, the greater the chances of new opportunities arising. A curious person always has the opportunity to discover new facts and ideas that will ultimately make success possible.

Curiosity alone can be an eye-opener, as it can lead you to discover new things you were previously unaware of. Curiosity is important for success, because it helps you discover things that may seem impossible. Most of the time, success always seems impossible at some point, but with innovation, curiosity and imagination, the impossible can be made possible.

Curiosity serves as a natural force that drives us, sometimes you need a push and here is where curiosity plays an important role for success. Curiosity makes you think the impossible can be made possible. One way or the other, curiosity will make you think more to discover something new, that new thing discovered becomes a challenge to be solved which gives room to other discoveries until it becomes a success, this is the importance of curiosity to success.

Everything in the world made by man is made from curiosity, when the mind wonders in surprise and ponders to know why a thing is made then the mind becomes curious and the hunger to know more increases.

Curiosity removes the fear of failure, because a curious person is always hungry to try everything possible, regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative. Successful people are risk takers, when you see people who take risks for a living, respect them because their curiosity level is high and intense they can do anything positive to succeed. And they are the ones who change the world.

Curiosity is critical to your success because it’s the strong desire to learn without constraint. It’s the driving force behind new discoveries in all fields. Curiosity is critical to your success because when you are curious, something interesting happens — you come across as more interesting and more intelligent. Curiosity is critical to your success because it signals a hungry mind. If you’re inquisitive, you’re open to new experiences. You can generate more original ideas and produce simple solutions to complex problems.

As a manager, entrepreneur, owner of a large or small business, it is important to convey the right image of yourself. It is important to convey the image that you would rather ask the right questions than pretend to know all the answers. If you want to succeed – you need to be curious and work with curious, passionate, creative and innovative people. So, let’s work together!


Juha is a husband and father, passionate thinker, doer and collaborator, world class people connector, innovator in business development, creative branding and marketing expert and a founder of Pure Innovation company. He has achieved success working for national and international organizations, while being rewarded more than 30 time both nationally and internationally with awards such as Cannes Lions, Clio, New York Festival, Rebrand 100, etc.