Nothing is like it used to be…

By Juha Porrassalmi

Posted on 23rd November 2020

The whole world is changing rapidly. There is some meaningful and exiting work to be done because of that. This work has great value and importance. The market is changing in terms of people’s living, shopping behavior and working methods. For example: Where and how people live, work, consume and how the world is changing has a direct connection with the future of our nation as a whole.

Time is the most precious thing a person can give to another. People spend most of their time at home, at work, leisure or shopping. That’s nothing new, but consumer demands have taken how and what they spend their time on to a whole new level.

Customer first and customer experience above all

Housing trends, and in particular the overall services around housing, are extremely important factors for customers to build living environments. The target group needs to know and understand their wishes and needs comprehensively. It is not enough to be able to solve the conveniences and comfort of living inside residential areas. In fact, building the entire house and living environment with the needs of the target group is critical.

Similarly, the demands of working environments have grown enormously. There is no rumble that has an ergonomic chair and a pause with coffee machines. The working environment must attract the best to enjoy and engage in the workplace. The working environment must build and maintain a sense of community that supports well-being at work, which provides the basis for productive work.

There is only a big change in retail. Coordination and combination of the physical and digital shopping environments define which brands create commitment and which are recommended.

Whether it’s an experience in a fashion store, within a cafeteria or a travel agency, consumers have always expected the product, service or experience to be  value for their money and time and above all: leave a positive impression of the brand in their mind. Therefore, comprehensive branded experience is the key to standing out in a competition. This will draw committed clients, partners and employees to a brand. It will make it memorable and give clients the reason to come back again, and again.

Making living, working and shopping great again

As said, time is the most precious thing a person can give to another. And consumer demands have taken how and what they spend their time on at home, at work, or shopping to a whole new level. That’s why we specialize in helping our clients develop those business areas to meet and exceed their customers expectations.

We are specialized in adding value in all different types of encountering environments, living, working, spending leisure time and shopping better than ever. In addition, we excel at helping on-line business build up retail presences. If you are into that – let’s talk.


Juha is an experienced retail strategist, visionaire and concept planner. He is a team player. He loves to challenge his team and himself to excel in every assignment. Many retail concept-cases for major retailers in Finland and in Scandinavia over three decades, have proven it. Passion is his fuel and an innovative team ignites his fuel.